Confirmed Artworks

Norman White, Hearsay (1985)

Hearsay (1985), by Norman White was a telematic game of broken telephone.  A piece of text traversed the globe in 24 hours. It was translated through a chain of translations by eight stations set up in various countries.  The text underwent mutation with each subsequent translation.  View full text here.









Sam Pelletier, HARMONY (2010), 2 channel audio, 5 min.

HARMONY (2010) by Sam Pelletier is an interactive, audio-based sculpture in which each participant is given a different audio track. Both are unaware of what the other is hearing.

One participant is listening to a list of simple instructions, which they are encouraged to act out. These actions sync up with the other participant’s track: a sales pitch for a product designed to enforce passive obedience.


Rob Bairos, On Further Reflection (2010)
(Digital Media On Vintage Oscilloscope) based on the 1st iteration Total Internal Reflection, 2009:
The artist converted YouTube clips into sound which was then used to re-describe the vectorized clips on an oscilloscope.
Simon Glass, On The Tower Of Babel (2007)
annotated translation:
Nahed Mansour, Acrhiving Voice (2010)
single channel video, 4 min. 17 sec.

Nahed Mansour performs Arabic phonemes with increasing speed, strain and tension. Archiving Voice is quite powerful. I think it speaks beautifully to Simon Glass’ On the Tower of Babel, and it incorporates the notion of the Shibboleth that I’m using as a point of inspiration.



Dennis Lin, Touch Me.

Alize Zorltuna will also be creating a new work for the show.

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