“A work that…”

The title of this blogspace comes from an instruction piece by Sol LeWitt – a proposition for the students of David Askevold’s Projects Class at NASCAD in which they were asked to create:

1. A work that uses the idea of error
2. A work that uses the idea of incompleteness
3. A work that uses the idea of infinity…

The list goes on, but my interest here lies in the catalogue of potential projects.

This is my mudbox, my repository in the ‘cloud’, where I collect inspiration and research relevant to my undergrad thesis in Criticism and Curatorial Practices at OCAD University.  At the time of writing this introduction, I am unaware of what theme or form my thesis will take – it is a potential project, just as vague and open ended as those proposed by LeWitt.  It is incomplete, it will be subject to errors and revisions, but most of all it is pregnant with so much possibilty.  This space will document my process as I realize “a work that…”

Farah Yusuf


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